Do you want the call?

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Do you want the call?

Post by Stuartcohn on Tue Oct 01, 2013 9:10 am

The customer calls for a price. Once you give it, you are done. Why not use the fact that the caller needs something from you to build value, and show that you care? They do not know you, or why you may be a better choice to help them. Ask questions that make them think! Show them that you care! Ego has no place in this conversation.
Some starter questions, maybe others can post others that have worked for them.
Do you have a safe place to wait for us to come out?
Have you checked all the doors, and windows? You would be surprised how often we come out and find a passenger door opened.
Are you sure the keys are in the car? A lot of people that do lock outs, can not make and or program keys. Than you will have to pay twice.
Does it matter how we get in? We can usually make a key to let you in. That costs a little more, but then there is no chance your paint will get scratched, and your car will stay water tight.
Does it have to be done right now? If you can get a ride home, we can come back during normal business hours, and save you some money.
I am at_____ witch is _____ min away.
Please be careful as you call around. There are many out of state company’s using local phone numbers to take advantage of people in your situation. Ask to talk directly to the person who is going to do the work. Can you understand him, or is there a language problem? Find out where he is coming from. Ten minutes away does not let you know if he is familiar with the area. Ask if he is giving you the total price. Ask what is the most it will cost.
I know this is a very stressful situation. Please do not let your guard down, and get taken advantage of.
Would you mind if I called you tomorrow to find out how you made out?

Do you see where I am going with this?
Does this sound like some one you would want to do business with?
Few good salesman will give a price before they explain the value of what you are getting.
You may not win them all, but it it should bring up your winning percentage.
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